Jos Hansen Energy Division - Power for Africa

Electricity is required for almost all aspects of our daily life. It is essential for modern communication, industrial development and the build-up of public services such as improved education, health care and street lights. The main focus of Jos. Hansen Group is to secure the urgently needed electricity and Water provision and to support substantial long-term benefits for social and economic development.

 We offer full EPC services       - Project development
                                                 - Financial Engineering
                                                 - Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Supply, Installation, Supervision, Testing and Commissioning
                                                 - After-Sales-Services

Our project scope covers Natural Gas, Liquid Fuel and Renewable Energy Power Plants, the Balance of Plants and the Transmission and Distribution of Energy.

 5 Generation Industrial Gas Turbine Web  17 Generation Wind Power Nordex 1 Web 18 Generation Hydro Power Voith 1